Tuesday, February 7, 2012

doing some work on my prints

it is uncleaned still

i have been trying to work on the quality of my prints, this was made at .20mm/ layer and i like what i am seeing

i ended up ordering some parts like the thick sheets, i was trying to source something locally but nothing is going to work, thought i did find a glass shop that will do what i need for a hot bed, so i am thinking i may go that route too, i looked at ponoko for some things but for some reason they wanted 80 for shipping 

i have a few things i want to try still with this new machine but that will take a little time to try.

i was looking at the Wallace on the main reprap page, and i think i might turn my Huxley into one of them after i get my Mendel made, i like the simplicity of it, so i thought i might try to build one.

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  1. I ran into the same thing with ponoko. What fixed it for me was that I changed where it was being created. If I recall correctly, it defaulted to building in nz. And then shipping it to the us. That cut shipping down from $90 to something like $20