Thursday, March 29, 2012

now this is just cool

i would so love to be able to make something like this,

i wonder what other kind of sensors would give a person usable data, i would like to try a O2 and CO2 sensor.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

i think my luck is making up for my first one

Oh its going to be one of those builds.

i found a temporary PSU any how, it is a better one from a case that i would rather not use for the reprap, though i will say this man is it quiet. i did get a board from sparkfun that helped me out allot, i still want to try to make my own with the power resistors built into it.
with that guy though i had no issues with getting my PSU to turn on, and the voltage seems to be rather stable too, so that was a nice benefit too. it is so quiet too, i may have to change my other one to one like it.

but here is the fun part,the stepper on my x axis seems to not like me or is some how dead all it will do is jitter no matter the driver or way it is plugged in, so i will have to take that stepper off to see if i can't find the issue with it, there all the same steppers and there wired all the same way so i am not sure where the issue is coming from.
this is the culprit. i think i am going to need another stepper again.

also on the x axis both my end stops do not seems to work, so i will have to try to look into that too, i have a few more spares to build and i will try those, i will also have to check to see what the issue is too, i am sure i built them right,

 i also think i am going to have to go to the regular mendel x axis, i think the alignment is out too much and the stepper on the Z axis is working way too hard. the threaded rod on that axis is not parallel with the smooth   rod, i will try to start printing that tomorrow.

well thats most of what i have been up too any how, i will try to post more on the updates i want to try to get it printing by the end of the week i hope.

and i have notices lately that i have been getting allot of new followers from all over the world i just wanted to say thanks.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

a little off topic but worth thinking about.

i do try to keep this blog on toppic. i found this video today and, i thought i should share it.

i see stuff like this and it makes me feel so profoundly frustrated with how bogged down things seem to get. in part this is kinda why i got so interested in reprap, to me it is possible a way that i can help make the world just a little better, even though the chances are slim. in some small way i hope that i can come up with some small improvement that will help it along and become more of what it needs to be.

this project is how i am trying to make the world just that much better not for me but for everyone else and my kids. its only a stepping stone, but i gotta do what i can.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

cool build and, handy stuff

i found that tri track on thingiverse so i thought i would try to build it, i am almost done half of it now just need to put 2 more pieces on that tread and print the drive pulley. then i will start on the chassis 

cool stuff i have used it on a few things around the house already.
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i am still doing little things on my mendel here and there but i need to find another power supply here soon, i will have to get some bigger power resistors here soon i think. to make a better atx one i think.

one shame about the sugru is that it is only good to 180C. so really just shy of being useful on the hot end, so close what a shame.

i am looking forward to buying another home this summer, it will be nice to bang around in a basement and not have to worry about the apartment below me.

i dont know why but the idea of trying to print a house seems to be stuck in my head lately, i am trying to fugure out if there would be a way to print one in pieces then assemble it on site. its a idea, but one that would be allot of work. and some how i dont think we would be doing it with a .35 mm  tip