Tuesday, March 6, 2012

cool build and, handy stuff

i found that tri track on thingiverse so i thought i would try to build it, i am almost done half of it now just need to put 2 more pieces on that tread and print the drive pulley. then i will start on the chassis 

cool stuff i have used it on a few things around the house already.
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i am still doing little things on my mendel here and there but i need to find another power supply here soon, i will have to get some bigger power resistors here soon i think. to make a better atx one i think.

one shame about the sugru is that it is only good to 180C. so really just shy of being useful on the hot end, so close what a shame.

i am looking forward to buying another home this summer, it will be nice to bang around in a basement and not have to worry about the apartment below me.

i dont know why but the idea of trying to print a house seems to be stuck in my head lately, i am trying to fugure out if there would be a way to print one in pieces then assemble it on site. its a idea, but one that would be allot of work. and some how i dont think we would be doing it with a .35 mm  tip 

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  1. Do a search for "Contour Crafting". It is a technology being developed at the University of Southern California. They want to be able to print an entire house, complete with imbedded plumbing and electrical components. Here's a link to an article with an animation of the process.


    It is basically a paste extruder with computer controlled trowels at the end. They extrude a form of concrete that will set up quickly enough to put the next layer on and use a very large pick and place arm to add components like windows, doors, roof sections etc.