Sunday, March 11, 2012

a little off topic but worth thinking about.

i do try to keep this blog on toppic. i found this video today and, i thought i should share it.

i see stuff like this and it makes me feel so profoundly frustrated with how bogged down things seem to get. in part this is kinda why i got so interested in reprap, to me it is possible a way that i can help make the world just a little better, even though the chances are slim. in some small way i hope that i can come up with some small improvement that will help it along and become more of what it needs to be.

this project is how i am trying to make the world just that much better not for me but for everyone else and my kids. its only a stepping stone, but i gotta do what i can.

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  1. I love space but NASA is the wrong answer. Spacex and those like them are the answer.