Sunday, April 15, 2012

caution user error, replace user

most of this weekend i have been trying to work on my Mendel, and so far i have pretty much everything done, even got some PLA through the hot end, then that's where the trouble started.....grumble grumble.

what little printing i could do things look relativity square, but i would get about 3-5 layers up then it would stop coming out unless i really pushed on the PLA going into the extruder.
i think its getting a little on the warm side.

this was the main plug

my other main issue is still how hot the the cold end of the hot end is getting, you can see in the top video that it is getting hot enough that it is making the PLA get soft and also starting to pull in some of the nuts too. this issue is going to cause me some more trouble i think seeing how i am not sure the best way to rectify it.
mind you i am happy i am finding this issue now and not half way into a print. i doubt that would end well.

i wish i could get my hands on some small pieces of Dibond again it has worked great for me in the past and it seems to take the heat away too. and it is pretty easy to work with, when ya have your tools.

but i am glad i got it all calibrated so far, but i still need to print things to find out just how well i do have it calibrated, so i hope to have things all wrapped up soon, but until i get this hot end issue worked out it will be hard to tell.

allot of my hot end stuff is from makergear, and there stuff has been great so far, gotta love user error. now if i can only get thing to work i will be happy. 


  1. Ok you need two things:

    1) a 40mm computer fan mounted on your X carriage, to cool the groovemount as well as your print.

    2) you should have received a small wooden disc (see bottom right). This is to fill any gap in the bottom of your gregstruder body. Various hot-ends need various mounts, and some go deeper into the body than the makergear one.

    1. nope i never remember getting that in any of my kits from maker gear, but now that i know i think i can make my own.

      i did get a ptfe one from makergear though , i think it was for the same purpose, but it is on my bowden extruder. so i will have to make something for my new mendel