Tuesday, April 24, 2012

devils in the details

well i have it printing now for the most part, i found this very handy extruder at thingiverse Thing:18619 it allowed me to use a PTFE piece i had for a insulator, and so far it is working pretty good, but i think i might have a few more kinks to work out, but i hope to find them soon.

i also made this guy to give me a little better cooling, or at least so i hope.thing:21994 it is a spacer and a fan mount for a 40mm fan i think it work well for the job,

but i am still working on leveling the bed, but is seems like it is always moving on me, so i need to check some things on it so i know there all snug, and it reminds me just how stubborn it is to lever a bed some times.

i still have some setting to get fine tuned, but it feels great having a printable area of 180mm x180mm i can now print allot of things i wanted to but was not able to on my Huxley.

but at least now with a proper multi meter i have been able to test some things out better, and feeling allot better about the readings. i am just glad my wife tends to over look small tools, i would be in the dog house again i think.

thankfully asking forgiveness is easier than permission. 

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