Wednesday, April 11, 2012

oh those little things.

well i have made allot of progress and allot of stumbling along the way too, but i am getting there. i did manage to get it to start to print, just barely.

i need to double check the temps on my hot end, i think it is reading high, i was not able to get much to print with the setting at 185c but when i did put it up too 230 it was coming out a little too hot, so i will need to get another way to measure the temp, my ir temp reader dose not like to read in such a tight spot.

i am also running into a little issue with my X axis slipping, yep you can see it in the pics above. i have to finish the belt tensioner  on the X carriage still so i will try to finish that part up soon. so maybe that will help.
though at first it felt a little rough on the X axis after some use now it is starting to feel better on the lm8uu bearings, so maybe this issue will get better with time too.

i also fixed allot of my issues with the Z axis too, it turned out that the bolts holing my bearings on that bet were too tight causing allot of extra friction. but not i have to slow it down in the firmware, it is trying to move too fast causing it to miss steps, i will say this much though for the most part my homing speeds are dead on, so i just need to slow town its top speeds.

one of the things i need to do is cool down my X carriage i will show pictures later but i think a part of it got a little warm and softened up hear the extruder body, so i am going to make a spacer/fan mount to blow cool air over the PEEK  part of the makergear hot end and keep my PLA cool on the X carriage. 

now to order another spool of PLA, man i wish it did not go up in price so much.

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  1. Hi Mike, My x-carriage is ABS and I have not had any problems with softening. I have two rolls of ABS so, if I can get my problems with missing steps solved, I will print you a new x-carriage. ABS should handle the temps better.