Sunday, April 8, 2012

Z rebuilt

the back of the extruder

i am going to have to think of a name soon i think

the back

this one took a few tries

i am getting it back together again, i use modified RepRap pro Mendel files that i made, most of my issues with them were the limited size of my Huxley. but hey i am getting there again.

i am still a little worried about how stiff my Z axis feels but it is allot better now than it was. the threaded rods and smooth rods look much better now, they almost look parallel  

If everything works better than last time i will wire it back up.

i did learn what was wrong with my end stops it turns out that I (watashi wa baka, thumbs up to who guesses what that means). turns out i got 2 of my resistors wrong on a few of them. i only found out because i got my multi meter back from my old house. yay

it also turns out that my other stepper motor was bad, i am not sure how though, it feels normal but all i could ever get it to do was jitter around so i might just take it apart to see if i can find the issue, and i also might have a dead pololu, so i used my spare and ordered another one, i hope i should not have ordered 2.

i also saw this today at first when i saw it, I thought at first there was way too many gears there for an extruder. but i like the design

i look forward to getting this new printer up and running, its a bloody shame that PLA got so pricy now. i was using it because it was allot cheaper, and smelled allot better than abs. but i know my wife will get after me if i go to ABS it will smell allot more.

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