Saturday, June 16, 2012

its a busy life.

it seems like its been ages since i have had the time to post or even print much anything.

in what little time i have to print i have managed to find a few issues with my Mendel, but nothing major, it seems to be catching somewhere in the hot end, and causing it to jam up on me from time to time, it is just enough to be really annoying.

i have had to replace my power resistor a few time now here too, i am just not having much luck with them lately, i would like to try to use that that had 2 resistors on it, my thinking there is that it might be less strain on them, but i will just have to try it and see i guess.

i also tried to add that copper end cap to cool the top down a little more, i think it worked a little too well, if i turn on my fan now, it cant keep the temp up, i think i will try to mod this idea a little still, i thought if i cooled down the top a lil bit more it would help with that jamming issue i am having. i think i could say it worked a little too well.

i am also trying to build a 1.75 mm hot end now too, i am not sure if thats the way things will go yet, but it seems like more people are going that rout and there is more stuff in that size now too.

i am still hoping to find some more people who are interested in this project in my town of swift current, but no luck just yet.

lol funny how my techzone huxly kit was and still is working so much better than my mendel that i am trying to get working half has good as michi.